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The Story of a Shadow
Chapter II
Second Chances and Love at First Fright

     At first Dark thought he was dreaming, then he thought he had reached the next world. But by the look of the clouded colors of blue, green and red around him he guessed he wasn’t in the water temple anymore. He looked around and then at himself. His battle scars were completely gone, and he was floating.
     Suddenly a black circle appeared before him. It got wider and wider and voices echoed from it. The Horrifying sounds and the blackness turned to horrid pictures of death and hell. Closer it got until it was ready to swallow him up.

      “No! Please, No!” Dark screamed frantically. The void began to shrink and was replaced with a red glowing circle, like that of a fairy. “Why do you resist your doom, shadow?” said the glowing light, It’s voice was that of a woman’s. “I don’t want to die!” He said with panic. The Red ball flashed and then flashed again, Dark closed his eyes from the intense light, when he looked back a figure of a woman stood before him. She was a voluptuous woman with short hair the color of the glowing ball he saw before. She wore jewels made for queens, along with a necklace the shape of the Gorons ruby and she wore a flowing red and white dress. Her eyes  glowed unnaturally pink and Dark was lost among her lips. She spoke with a sharp but elegant tone.
      “You were never born in the first place, it is a mistake by man that you are even moving!”
     “What? Who are you?” said Dark confused. The woman sighed and shook her head. “I am Din, the goddess of Power! The one who created the world.”

“And I am Farore.” Said another voice, then appeared a beautiful woman wearing a green top lined with what looked like thorns, her skirt was long and had complicated designs woven onto it. She wore many bracelets and a Green necklace in the shape of the Kokori emerald. Her hair was up in a bun with hair flowing down from it. A crown rested on her head. “I am the Goddess of Courage, and the one who created the things to uphold the law of the world.”

     A third woman then appeared, and she had an older looking appearance. She wore a long sleeved dress that was laced up with shining gold lace. The sleeves and top where a light blue and slowly tuned darker as it went down. She wore little jewelry, just a simple necklace with a pendent the shape of the Zora’s sapphire. Her hair was thick and braided with a blue string down to her ankles. Her voice was like a chime.
     “And I am Nayru, goddess of Wisdom, and the one who created the worldly Laws. You have great emotion for one so dead.”

    “Where am I?” Demanded Dark. Farore spoke this time, her voice a bit more powerful then the other two, and Dark felt his courage disappearing (How ironic)
    “You are in the realm of the goddesses. The realm above the sacred, where Ganondorf is imprisoned and where you were headed.”  
    “Oh,” Dark could find nothing to say, but felt that even though they were goddesses, it was time to beg. “Please don’t let me go! I have not yet lived!”
     “Silence, Shadow!” Snapped Farore. “You were created only as a holding place for The Hero of Time’s misdoings. You have no place in Hyrule or anywhere but in the land of Shadow.”
     Dark opened his mouth to speak but Nyaru began before he could “Farore, perhaps we’re being to brash. Even though his purpose was for Link the Hero, for whatever reason he has his own will.”
     “It was Ganondorf!” interrupted Din, “He put life to this lifeless shadow! For his own cause!” Dark saw his opening.
     “See?!! I am a victim of the evil king. Do I not deserve some justice?!!” The Goddesses looked among themselves. Then Nayru nodded at her sisters and Farore spoke. “Very well, Shadow. We will allow you to live one full life, staring from the time of the triumph of the Hero of Time, if…”
     “If what?”
     “If you can prove you have real feelings.”
     “How do I do that?” he asked, a little panicked.
     “You have until the new moon is full to make someone fall in love with you.”
     “what?!!” He was really panicked now. “I can’t do that! Who would love a shado…”
     “you would not be a shadow” Din interrupted “Now go, I tire of you, If you fail this though.. You will be banished to the Shadow realm for eternity.” Dark nodded in hopeless agreement, what else could he do? A month, to love, him? Was it possible? Dark thought of the word love as he drifted into unconsciousness.

     When Dark awoke again he was sitting under a lone tree that was devoid of any leaves. But instead of the inch of water he was used to sitting in, there was grass. Dark looked up and saw the bright blue sky above him, birds flew overhead and the sound of  wind swept through his ears. As he tired to lift himself to his feet he found himself having to use the support of the tree to help him up. The lack of strength surprised him. He looked at his gloved hands and was astounded to see they were solid and full of color.       
    Gaining some strength he started to walk across the bridge. He knew this place as Lake Hylia, the place where the Water Temple was built. The lone tree he was asleep under was on an island that was actually the top of the water temple. As he walked he noticed he got shaky every time he looked down at the water. Quickly the began to run across the two bridges. Trying to get this sudden fear out of his mind he thought of the goddesses deal. How could he possibly get someone to fall in love with someone like him? And in such a short time? Suddenly Dark realized that his mind was at peace. He closed his eyes and concentrated. No, nothing. Dark could Not find a hint of Link in him. All the thoughts and images were gone, and he was happy.

     Feeling a bit better Dark made his way to the castle. Using Link’s old memories (He still had those in his head) he knew exactly where to go. It took until nightfall to reach the castle and Dark was feeling more weary then ever. Then a sound he had not hopped to hear rang. The castle was closing the draw bridge for the night. In spite of his extreme exhaustion Dark ran for the castle, but he was to late and the final sound of the bridge echoed as soon as Dark reached the entrance. Dark cursed and rubbed his eyes. Why were mortals so weak? Dark now had a new respect for Link, he remembered their encounter at the water temple, How long he fought! And still he killed Dark. He snorted in a half amused half irritated way. Then  remembering his current problem began to walk away. What would happen if he didn’t get sleep? Would he die? Before, when he was a shadow, he slept for boredom reasons. But now sleep sounded like such a wonderful thing. Dark decided to try Lon Lon ranch, That was just a hour away from the castle. Surely they would offer him a place to sleep, if only in the stable.

     An hour later Dark arrived at the ranch. It was quiet, all the live stock were in for the night. All the lights were out in the house and Dark wondered what they would to a stranger at this time of night. Before he could act on it though, he found himself slowly lowering to the ground. With no will he sank to the grass and curled up next to the house and fell into a deep sleep.

     Dark awoke the next morning in a soft warm bed. As he slowly sat up he noticed he was inside a cozy little room with a dresser and table for two. When he lifted off the covers he noticed he was without his sword and belts. His cap was removed from his head, showing his black hair pulled back into a small pony tail. His boots rested at the end of the bed and his gloves where on top of them. When he looked out the window he realized he was at the ranch, The sun was high in the sky and he guessed it was close to noon. Dark rubbed his eyes again and left the bedroom, he figured he better get his stuff and head for the castle right away.

     Dark Left the building and walked out toward the pasture when he heard the sound of singing. Being the very curious former shadow that he was, he followed the voice. Then he saw her, a fiery red head in the middle of the horse field. Her eyes were closed and she rocked back and forth as she sang her song. She wore a simple dress, that was an orange color with simple designs on the side. Her hair fell below her shoulders and she had bangs. She must have heard him because when he approached she stopped singing and slowly opened her eyes. Immediately Dark was over come with fear. Memories shook him and he felt dizzy. No doubt about it, this was the same girl he could not kill so long ago.  And again he stood weak and paralyzed. The Girl saw this and rushed over to help him. “Are you okay?” she asked with a voice Dark thought sounded like heaven. Trying not to look like a complete idiot, Dark tried to stand tall and act normal.  
     “I’m fine.” he said, brushing her away. The girl took no offence and smiled.
      “we found you this morning curled up next to the house, you looked cold so we brought you inside.” Dark stood for a moment gawking, and the girl started to look a little uncomfortable. “Uh, my things,” He said finally. “Where is my sword?”
     “Oh that, It’s in the dresser with your other belts.”
     “Thank you.” With out knowing what else to do he turned to leave. Then the girl called after him.
     “I’m sorry, but you look so familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” At that Dark stopped and he felt a twinge in his heart. He looked down at the ground, not sure of what to do. Then he sighed and said.
     “No, I get that a lot. I don’t know you.” Then he tried to leave again.
     “Oh! I know!” Would she never stop? Thought Dark. “You look just like a boy I know, You might know him, he’s the new commander for Hyrule’s army. His name is Link.” Dark cringed at the name.
     “Yes, that must be it, goodbye.”
Dark turned around, confused “What?”
     “My name, it’s Malon.”
     “I am pleased to have met you Malon.” He turned around again.
     “Well what’s yours?” “Da…it’s Dark.” Malon grunted “Well that’s kind of depressing don’t you think?”
     “If you don’t like it you can leave me alone!” He said sharply. The girl said nothing and Dark was afraid to turn around and see how she had taken that. Why do I care? Thought Dark. Then he left to get his stuff.

     Dark arrived at the castle at about  one thirty in the afternoon. The castle market looked nothing like Dark remembered. To him the market was a worn down place with Redeads roaming aimlessly around. Now it was a bustling place full of people and music. Dark had no time to waist and rushed to the castle.
     Dark had no trouble avoiding the guard’s eyes.  Even though he was not a shadow any more didn’t mean he still did not have the stealth of one. And besides that, he was growing accustom to the mortal life. As he approached the main gate Dark wondered what exactly he was doing. He had only a short time to find love. And Link, who was the one he would want to find in the castle was certainly no expert on love. Or so Dark thought. But then he remembered Zelda. Perhaps she would help him. Or maybe just scream and try to have him killed. But it was all he had. So Dark shrugged his shoulders and headed for the nearest open window.
welcome to chapter two!!! I have a lot to say but you don't have to read all of it. But I do suggest reading things in Bold

to previous chapter: [link] to next chapter: [link]

background/making of

well I had to explaine stuff In this chapter so it could be boring. I hope I kept everyone in chacter

Please review!!!!
I love getting reviews! if you don't like Dark Link but know someone who would please tell them! oh and if you like better go here: [link]

Oh I think I gave the goddesses good personalities. what do you think??? and I hope I didn't make Dark to much of a wussy or to much of a jerk, but he is an antihero... what can you say.
well I guess thats it. any questins or other stuff or maybe you just wanna talk Dark note or comment! I'm happy to help or whatever. enjoy chapter 2!!

The Legend of Zelda and all it's characters any other stuff are property of NIntendo and are used without permission. sorry Nintendo....^^
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